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About Us

We founded Impact Tutors with a vision of building a trusted and vibrant community of quality tutors that are easily accessible by parents and students.

Impact Tutors are a diverse group of very talented tutors who excel in their area of expertise. What makes them stand out is not just subject matter knowledge and exceptional qualifications, but also their character as a professional tutor. They are all enthusiastic individuals who can motivate their students to exam success and make a real difference.

Impact Tutors was founded by husband and wife, Ash and Haleh, in 2016. Haleh is a qualified teacher and has been tutoring for 12 years. She loves nothing more than the pleasure she gains when her students become confident learners and achieve excellent results in school. Ash was an Internet consultant building websites for large on-line retailers. They joined together with a vision of addressing the needs of parents who were struggling finding good local tutors for home tuition.

Impact Tutors is not really about the founders, it is about the tutors in our network, all of whom are independent educators who pride themselves on quality tutoring. The Impact Tutors platform enables our tutors to promote their services effectively and parents/students to find and book good local tutors quickly and easily. We constantly strive to improve the platform based on feedback from tutors and students.