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Everyone knows that the first place most of us go when we want to know how to do something is Google.  But YouTube isn’t far behind with its ‘How to’ tutorials being amongst its most popular videos.  No surprise then that teachers and private tutors also visit YouTube regularly when looking for new ideas and new approaches to teaching.

1.Common Sense Education

This YouTube Channel offers tutors digital learning tools which will engage students and teach them the do’s don’ts of how to behave online. I particularly like ‘tips on teaching with technology.

Teachers nowadays have to cope with completely different types of distraction to the teachers of little more than a decade ago. Digital distraction in the classroom is a huge problem and this video hits the nail on the head.

  1. Richard Byrne

If you want to learn how to be more proficient with technology in the classroom, then Richard Byrne’s YouTube channel is the place to go.

Richard is a brilliant educational blogger with a pretty amazing collection of YouTube teaching videos. His website Free Tech for Teachers has something for teachers of all subjects and his videos feature how-to tutorials on all manner of digital tools you can use in the classroom.

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  1. Kristen Bowen

Now, as teachers, we’ve all had that awful situation where a pupil just won’t cooperate. Kristen Bowen’s ‘5 Steps How to Handle a Defiant Student in your Classroom’ is a must-watch.  It’s pretty difficult to teach a class if one pupil always misbehaves, so here’s how to cope with a disobedient pupil without losing  your patience.

  1. Pocketful of Primary

10 Easy Classroom Management Hacks is well worth watching and I can guarantee that you will use at least two or three of the tips the day after you’ve tuned in. Plenty of new ways to get your students’ attention

  1. Bio – The Biography Channel

So you’re in the middle of a lesson and a famous name crops up.  Regardless of the subject you’re teaching, the Bio channel can offer pretty cool ‘added extras’ to a lesson. The channel has more than 7,000 biographies.

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So if your lesson mentions a significant person such as Einstein,  Henry the 8th or Alexander Bell or similar then quickly show one of the videos to add a bit of spice.  Here’s a bio of Amelia Earhart for you to get the picture.

  1. Teaching Channel

This is a super channel where tutors share ideas and classroom techniques with their peers. The channel hosts nearly a thousand videos of best-practice in the classroom.

The video below shows a teacher talking about what she’s thinking the night before her first day of school.  It’s all about getting focused and mentally prepared.

  1. #Education

Education has more than 10 million subscribers which gives you a pretty good indication of how popular it is.  The videos on the channel help students as well as teachers to navigate their way through lessons.

This is a fun video about the human body.

  1. Teach Like a Champion

In this video renowned author Doug Lemov demonstrates how teachers can get everybody’s attention in class. A real must-see.

  1. How to be an Excellent Teacher

We all want to be the best teachers and tutors we can be. This tutorial will help you along the way to becoming an excellent teacher. It’s a practical tutorial showing how it’s done. Some of the tips are obvious but well worth reminding yourself of nonetheless.

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  1. 11 Secrets to Memorise Things Quicker than Others

Who wouldn’t love a better memory? After all, we spend our lives learning new things yet forget half the information soon after learning it. BrightSide gives you 11 mind-blowing tips to help improve your memory.  Perfect for pupils and teachers alike!

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