looking at the watch. 10 reasons to be late for school

As a teacher, surely you have heard every reason under the sun for a child to be late for school. Some are genuine, some are down-right lunacy.

Being an online tutor, I am lucky less students are late for their online sessions due to not having to travel and, of course, because they’re doing their lessons from home. But I remember when I was an eager student I was the one coming up with all the excuses there were for being late. Below are the top ten excuses students use today. As ridiculous and fun as they are, kids are saying these every day.

A teacher treat

Yeah, some classmates might not find it very popular being too nice to the teacher, but some students get their teachers their favourite sweets or a chocolate bar to say how sorry they are for being late. This is a secure way to not get a detention and most teachers love it.

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Your dog died

Might be a bit too deep, and some of the students’ classmates will probably know it is not true, but the news of a dead dog will definitely have an impact on teachers. This one is not very common, so teachers find it quite creative and pretend to believe your acting skills.

Sick housemate

The story of the sick housemate is so reasonable, but it cannot be used too often, of course. If a housemate needed help to get ready for his/her check in the hospital, no one would not be just expected to leave them alone, but kindly assist them. And that’s how the students’ good deed got them late for school. Well… if they’re old enough to have a housemate that is.

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An injury

While trying to make a sandwich to take with them at school, students say they cut their finger really badly and had no plasters at home. So they undertook a quick walk to the nearest pharmacy to get some. It really sounds ridiculous and teachers know that one really well. However, they might just decide to pretend to believe you and be sympathetic.

Helped someone in trouble

The excuse of taking some time to help a disabled person cross the street and carrying their groceries bags, for example, always accounts for sympathy and understanding so students rely on it. You never know, they even expect to be somehow rewarded by their teacher.

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Apparel Issue

Every school has a dress code so many students use this as an excuse. They say they wore the wrong clothes by mistake and had to go all the way back to change.

Traffic issues

This one is very simple and works very smoothly. Students who normally get dropped off at school blame it on the bad traffic congestion that cannot be avoided. They also put the blame on their parents. Teachers could easily check this one by making one phone call, but in most cases they wouldn’t bother.

The door lock

What a better excuse than the one involving the door lock getting blocked. So the students explain how it was not their fault and hope for the best. Teachers, of course suspect it to not be true but it depends on their mood if they will investigate it further.

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The typical snooze excuse

Students, who are not very creative blame it on their alarm clocks. I mean, everyone has been troubled by their clocks at least once, so the teacher is expected to understand. Teachers find this excuse quite annoying but also funny sometimes, if the student comes in with their clothes the other way round or shaggy hair.

The doleful skies

Ok, this is universal in the UK. The British weather is known for being unpredictable. Maybe the horrible fog or the heavy rain caused severe transport delays. So many students use this one and teachers are so tired of it.

Some students tell a very fun and creative story about their journey to school and get away with being late. After all, most teachers would agree that telling your class a funny story in the morning is not such a bad thing.

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What do you think?

These are my top ten excuses for being late for school that students use, some of which are quite banal and frustrating, but also humourous at the same time. Teachers have heard so many different versions, so they can tell when someone tells the truth or not. As an ex-sub, I heard all of these… and as a student… I am guilty of saying some of them myself.

In spite of that, with these excuses both teachers and the class can have a little laugh at that person who runs in while everyone else is sat down doing their work. If you have any other interesting suggestions of ridiculous and fun excuses, pop them in the comment box.

Take care, fellow teachers or students. And remember… don’t be late! (But if you are… feel free to use those terrible excuses).

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