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Parents and carers alike start thinking about private tuition for their child for a million different reasons. You might be looking for SATs and entrance exam preparation, hoping to boost your child’s overall performance in class, or even want to fix a small problem that needs a few one-to-one lessons to iron out, whatever your situation, there is a tutor to match. But before you sign on the dotted line, here are five things to consider when thinking about private tuition.

Tutor experience

All the tutors at Impact are well-qualified and come with proven experience – naturally.

If you are just starting to think about private tuition, we would obviously recommend working with an experienced provider like us chiefly because there are a whole lot of people out there calling themselves tutors. From a university student looking to earn a bit of extra cash to professional full-time students and everyone in between, finding the right tutor for you and your child can be daunting. When it comes down to it, experience, character, and academic qualification really do count – after all, we all want good value for money.

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What you want to achieve from the process

It could be that your child needs a leg-up with some tricky algebra or a dodgy spelling habit, that you need a grade-8 piano teacher, or even that you want to support your child’s general classroom and school performance. Whatever situation is applicable to the child concerned, there really is a tutor out there for every problem and every situation.

The benefit of an experienced tutor is that they are likely to have encountered most problems before, which means they will have a strategy on-hand should any problems arise.

Location and environment

One often overlooked aspect of private tuition is exactly where that tuition will take place. As most private tutors will travel to your home, it is important that you can identify a quiet spot in the house that can be given over to one-to-one tuition for usually around about an hour.

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If you have a suitable workspace like a dining table or even a kitchen island, the next priority is that tuition needs to take place in a quiet room where distractions and interruptions are kept to a minimum. If your child’s session takes place in the evening after school (as most do), having the kitchen out of action could be a problem. Likewise, blocking access to the living room and all-important TV might be a problem for siblings or younger children. You may also feel that being able to hear what’s going on between your child and their tutor is reassuring and can be enlightening in terms of how your child is getting on.

The tutor/child working relationship

To get the most from the tutor/child working relationship, it is vital that your child and their tutor gel. Without a solid, respectful relationship from both parties, your child’s learning journey might not meet your expectations – or the demands of any forthcoming examinations. Assuming your chosen tutor meets all your requirements in terms of qualification, experience, and even recommendation, if your child just doesn’t like them, tutoring isn’t going to work. All children are individuals and what might work for one child, won’t do the trick with another.

This is why it is of paramount importance that you and your child get to meet the tutor concerned before sessions begin.

Asking about the tutor’s hobbies and leisure activities can be a good way to check to see if they are a good fit, many a tutor and child have bonded over a shared love for Star Wars, Lego, or knitting.

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In summary, there are numerous things to think about before you start on the private tuition journey. Working with a good, experienced and reputable agency like Impact can do wonders to reduce any anxieties and concerns you might have. Ultimately, knowing you have the basics taken care of like tutor experience, location, relationship, and expectation is the best way to ensure your child’s tutoring gets off to the best possible start and that the process proves successful – whatever the subject or level. When it comes down to it, a great tutor means a happy child, and happy children always make for happy parents.

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