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We all have gone through exams at any stage of our life and education. So many, so stressful, and sometimes result in a failure and dreadful feelings. There are occasions, when failure is expected because of us being completely unprepared. However, there are times when we gave our best, studied really hard, and still ended up failing. No matter why we failed, how old we are, whether in high school, college or university, we all get upset and frustrated.

After you’ve failed

You failed and you are now feeling incredibly stressed and disappointed. Are you wondering how to cope with all that stress? Don’t panic. You are not alone. Failing one or two exams doesn’t mean you will not get into your dream industry or not get your dream job. You just failed one of the many tests to come and there should be a retake or another way to build up your school or university credit.

Even though it was just a test, some manage to remain cool, others, though, get really depressed. Exam failure is even known to sometimes result in panic attacks, very common amongst UK students. For instance, there are cases where people, all of a sudden, feel short on oxygen and cannot breathe normally, as a result of severe stress. Experts say that many of the cases are caused by exam failure.

What happened to me…

So stress should be avoided. I am an example of an EU student, who first came to the UK 3 years ago to start a university degree. At first I was so confused, failed my first exam and then the following assignment. I did not give up but found out the areas I needed to improve on. Seeking help and assistance from teachers and tutors is what everyone should do in order to be successful. It is nothing to be ashamed of, but just the opposite – it is the best way to slowly build up your success.

Failing was very shocking for me as I had never failed a single exam before, I got a first in my high school diploma. What’s more, I was used to being one of the best students in my class. And because of my certificate in the highest proficiency English level, I never expected any issues in the UK University I enrolled at. In spite of all that, I faced a completely different education system to the one I was used to. I failed at first. It was hard, it was stressful and upsetting.

Seeking help and assistance from teachers and tutors is what everyone should do in order to be successful. It is nothing to be ashamed of.

What can you do to keep calm?

  1. Read a fun book or magazine
  2. Listen to music
  3. Socialise
  4. Watch movies
  5. Talk about how you feel

Still, many students find it hard to cope with exam failure and the stress that comes with it. An idea on how to distract yourself and chill is to get a nice book or a CD with compilation of your favourite songs. If this is not enough, then socialise and cheer up! Hang out with friends and family more often, visit different social events, and organize movie nights with popcorn and sweets. Talk to others, talk your teachers and talk to your colleagues. Do not get trapped into your own sorrow or depression.

Remember, it’s fine to relax… in fact, it’s important for your wellbeing. Do those things to help you cope so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Patience is a virtue

Be patient. All good results come with time. Do not rush yourself to redo any exam as soon as possible but make sure you are confident in your knowledge first. I am now a University graduate in Multimedia Journalism, with a 2.1 – a grade I never thought I would get at the beginning of my course. Persistence is key for achieving success. Once you know what you are doing, you will see the best results coming.

Be patient. All good results come with time. Do not rush yourself to redo any exam as soon as possible

And work even harder next time

And last, but not least, remember that most things in life can be learnt, be it revision techniques, work ethic or just the exam materials. There are many online guides on how to improve your work. Always seek your school/university l tutor’s help. However, exams are not a guarantee of how smart you are and how successful you will be. Remember that is it just the learning system you need to adjust to. Do not stress too much over failing because it happens to everyone for one reason or another.

Remember to work hard and believe in yourself, but also enjoy the important things in life, such as friends and family times, holidays, books, art. Once there is a balance between studying, mastering techniques and materials, and enjoying life, going out with friends to the movies more often, for example, the stress will go away and you will be happy and successful.

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