listening to music can help you study

Listening to music is a great way to help you study. Whether it be revising for an important exam, finishing a daily piece of homework, or even just brushing up on a bit of knowledge to help the understanding of a subject, getting your head down to get on with even just a small bit of studying can be tough at the best of times.

It can often feel like there is a reason to procrastinate around every corner and even doing the washing-up can feel more inviting at times like this! More often than not, it can be way too tempting to just stick on some music and escape from life for a little bit in the hope that the studying will just go away.

But, listening to music can actually be a real help towards gathering thoughts, absorbing information and getting some much-needed work done. Aka, music can essentially be good for studying!

And we all know that studying and getting work done is genuine important part of life, no matter how frustrating it can be at times.

The benefits of listening to music for your brain.

Although listening to music when doing work isn’t for everyone, it would seem to make sense that a lot of people may benefit from it when considering that so many people listen to music whilst doing activities that require a lot of focus, such as driving or running, and according to,  it is a great way to help the mind concentrate on the task at hand.

It also helps with distractions from the outside world and encourages people to keep going without being so aware of time. Health Ambition says that music will stop your mind from wandering. “Your brain can only multi-task so much, and occupying it with music and work leaves no room for any errant thoughts.”

According to their findings, you should also stay offline as you listen to music to maximise your concentration and avoid distractions.

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Listening to music is even thought to reduce stress and improve memory, which is perfect in a time of study when it feels like you are experiencing nothing but stress and there is a growing worry of forgetting all the information that has just been absorbed.

So, what are the best types of music to listen to whilst learning?

To be honest, this is allegedly all up to the individual and it all depends on what kind of music people like.

So, for example, a hard core hip-hop fan may not benefit from listening to the mellow tunes of indie folk, and those into their death metal would not be able to focus by listening to the latest pop record.

However, those who are fans of the eclectic genre of rock and jazz fusion would benefit from, well, just that, listening to their favourite rock and jazz fusion album. But just make sure it isn’t being played so loud that you end up getting so distracted by your beloved tunes that you end up dancing around in your underwear instead of studying hard.

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Traditionally of course, the best type of back ground music to listen to whilst learning is classical music as it not only changes the atmosphere of a room, but is also thought to decrease anxiety.

In fact, there is a strong theory that listening to Mozart actually improves over-all effectiveness of the brain ( discusses this being known as the “Mozart Effect), and many pregnant women even play it to their unborn babies in the hope that they will pop-out a mini Einstein.

“But let’s face it, not everyone is a harpsichord fanatic and wants to spend hours picturing themselves in a powdered wig and white tights just to be able to pass an exam”

But let’s face it, not everyone is a harpsichord fanatic and wants to spend hours picturing themselves in a powdered wig and white tights just to be able to pass an exam, so just keep focus on what you enjoy and what helps you learn personally. suggests that the type of thing you are studying for can really depend on the type of music that will assist your working practice too.”

For example, if you are studying for something creative, then putting on something a bit funkier and up-beat might be a bit more inspirational, whilst for those studying something like science, a little bit of slow pop is thought to be beneficial.

For those who like to study in silence.

It’s always important to remember to have a break whilst working and for those who just simply can’t stand listening to music whilst studying for whatever reason, it might even be helpful to listen to a small bit of music in that gap between working.

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This is because listening to music is not only thought to release dopamine, the brains happy chemical, but is believed to improve cognitive levels too, meaning that music will be of benefit even after studying.


So, there you have it, next time you are told to keep the music down by some square, you can respond that you are actually studying and you need the music to focus and improve your thinking skills. Although, it is probably best not to annoy the neighbours and maybe just invest in some headphones if this is the case.

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