Is Impact Tutors right for me?
How does Impact Tutors work?
How much commission does Impact Tutors charge?
Which subjects can I tutor through Impact Tutors?
Where do lessons take place?
How do I find students?
The tutor registration process explained?


Is Impact Tutors right for me?

Our vision is to make a real Impact in private education and to become a brand that stands for quality tutoring. This, we can only achieve by attracting the best tutors to join our network. It is completely free to join and we put you in charge of setting your own rate, choosing your own hours and – when you don’t want any more students- you can hide your profile.

There are no strings attached. We only earn money when we find you students and you start lessons. We charge a commission on the lessons you provide. The commission we charge is used for website maintenance and advertising on your behalf. Unlike national portals, our London focus enables us to find students near where you live.

Further benefits to you, as a tutor, is that our booking, payment system and lesson reminders are fully automated and take care of many of the cumbersome administrative sides of tutoring, allowing you to operate effectively as a modern professional tutor.


How does Impact Tutors work?

After creating you profile and passing the verification, your profile will be listed on the site. Students can contact your directly, via our messaging system, and, once you agree a date and time, you can book your first lesson. Since all our tutors are well qualified and we also offer money back guarantee to students, we don’t believe that there is a need to provide free trial lessons. You can, however, adjust your rate to 50% below your normal rate for a first lesson if you wish to do so. If first lesson goes well and students want to continue, then you can go ahead and book regular weekly lessons. The first lesson is always the key to winning regular students and receiving good reviews, so please make sure you prepare for it.

Students confirm lessons by entering their card details. All lessons must be entered on the website and the payment card is charged automatically after each lesson. You will receive your payment automatically, 7-9 days after lesson completion. This is because our automated payment provider (Stripe) takes that 7-9 days to make payments into bank accounts.

Please note – never accept payment directly from students. All payments are made only to Impact Tutors and you will receive your payment into your bank account automatically.


How much commission does Impact Tutors charge?

It is completely free to join Impact Tutors. There are no strings attached and we only earn money when we find you students and you start having lessons.

To make it as simple as possible to compare your rates with other tutors, we allow you to set your own hourly rate. From this, we charge students a platform fee of between 10% and 25% of the lesson cost.

Students are happy with this because they know that we make sure that they always receive the best tuition possible and benefit from ongoing support from ourselves and our site.

Tutors are happy with this because they benefit from receiving good students from Impact Tutors and operate more professionally, using our platform to manage all their lessons in one place and let us deal with payments and cancellations.

The platform fee rate is based on the number of hours of tutoring you have with Impact Tutors. Our commission rates are the most competitive in the market, because we want all our good tutors to stay with us for the distance.

Every tutoring hour you do with us is saved for life and will accumulate.


Which subjects can I tutor through Impact Tutors?

Impact Tutors offers tutors a wide variety of subjects, at any level from primary through to A-level and beyond. We are seeking tutors of all ages and abilities to teach from primary school children to adults.

If there are any subjects that we don’t currently offer, please get in touch with us to let us know – we’d really appreciate your feedback.


Where do lessons take place?

Sessions can take place wherever you and the student agree. Many parents and students prefer that you travel to them but some are also happy to travel to your home or accept Skype lessons. We encourage all tutors to have the first lesson face to face where possible.

You can set your own travel policy, which will be communicated to students on your profile page.

If appropriate, you could also organise sessions in a public space such as a library or a coffee shop convenient to both you and the student. Please only offer Skype sessions as a final alternative if you are unable to arrange a face-to-face lesson. We advertise for in-person tuition and this is what most parents and students using the site are seeking.


How do I find students?

Once you have signed up and your profile is “Live” on the Impact Tutors website, students will be able to see it when they search for a tutor in your area. There is an option on your profile for them to send you a message to enquire about tuition together.

You’ll be sent an email and SMS notification as soon as a student contacts you, so you’ll never miss a message. It’s then easy to follow the link in the text or email to get back to the site to reply and organise your lessons together. If you wish to secure students successfully and build good reviews on your profile, It is critical to respond quickly to student enquiries.

We also receive tutor requests via our request form and by telephone. Our education advisor will then help students with their search and matches them with most suitable tutor.

Soon we will be launching ‘Jobs’ so that you can see open enquiries and apply for them.


The tutor registration process explained

After you create a tutor account, we ask you to spend 10-15 minutes creating your profile. This little investment in time enables us to collect the information needed to match the right students with your skills and preferences. Furthermore, your profile will work as a sales page on, where students can find you and where you will build up your reputation by receiving positive client feedback and reviews.

This is the main page where you enter your personal statement and tutoring experience, upload your photo and set your rate. Pay extra attention to selecting a good quality photo of yourself and a well written personal statement that demonstrates your key skills, qualification and professional character as tutor.

Here, you add the subjects that you want to teach. You can add as many subjects as you like but bear in mind that parents and students like a specialist with relevant experience and qualification in the subject they teach.

Enter all your A-level, university, and teacher qualifications. We require all our tutors to have at least a bachelor’s degree from an internationally recognised university.

We ask you to provide two references so we can verify your suitability as professional tutor and share this information with prospective tutees. We encourage you to use your existing or old students as a referee as their positive feedback will be displayed on your profile page giving you a better chance from the start.

ID Check
As you can imagine, it’s important that we verify the identity of every tutor, which is why we ask you to upload a copy of your ID – either a driving licence or passport. Make sure that the image is clear and in colour. This is stored in our secure servers and can only be viewed by our Admin team. We are registered with (what is ICO) ICO and comply with privacy laws.

Having a DBS (formerly CRB) is not mandatory but preferred and some parents specifically ask for this, hence having an Enhanced DBS certificate will strengthen your profile and is recommended for professional and full time tutors.

If you can only teach specific days or times, please advise here or if you are flexible with times please choose ‘I am flexible’. Your availability will be displayed on your profile.

Bank Details
Please enter your bank details so that we can pay you on time. Payments are made automatically to your bank account 7-9 days after lesson completion. You don’t have to enter your bank details for going live, but -by doing so – it makes the payment process easier, later.