Anton-Highly motivated physics Tutor
  • DBS Checked
    DBS Checked
  • Masters Degree
    Masters Degree
  • 7 Years Experience
    7 Years Experience
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Highly motivated physics Tutor

£40 per hour

My name is Anton. I have master`s degree in Physics from the University of New Hampshire. I started to tutor in 2011. I enjoyed the job and gradually I became a full-time tutor. During the last seven years, I accumulated extensive teaching experience and I helped more than 50 students to be admitted to UK and USA universities.

Most of the students consider physics the most difficult subject they have ever taken. That`s why I apply extra effort to make sure that the student has a proper understanding of the concepts, not just memorizing facts. I easy detect weak spots in students understanding and this gives me chance to focus on the most relevant topics.

I carefully prepare myself for each session, and my goal is to make the student involved in the lesson not just leaving him to listen to me.I use software for interactive simulations. Believe me, it helps a lot if the student can actually see and play with different physical phenomena instead of just imagining it.

Tutoring / Teaching Experience

Part of my lesson will be devoted to solving problems from past papers. I might either solve the problems by myself or monitor the student solving approach.I will explain some tricks and perhaps show you more efficient solutions. My observation is that if the student goal is to achieve an A grade it requires at least two hours of tutoring per week throughout the academic year, of course, some students ask for more. In any case, it will give me great pleasure to help you improve your knowledge and make you feel the beauty of PHYSICS.

Tutoring experience:7 years

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Jenny (Reference)
Suitability for tutoring
Student's parent
I am very pleased to recommend Anton as a physics tutor. He was very inspiring to my son and help him throughout the entire A Level course. Thank you Anton.


Masters in physics

University of New Hampshire (2006)

I travel up to 10 Miles