Cristian-Daniel-6 Years experience Guitar Teacher
  • Qualified Teacher
    Qualified Teacher
  • Bachelors Degree
    Bachelors Degree
  • 2 Years Experience
    2 Years Experience
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6 Years experience Guitar Teacher

£20 per hour
    Canning Town, East London

TAGMA Association: I have taken part in numerous activities as a member of this Association. I started by being a regular volunteer, especially for guitar classes. After several years, I have become a teacher of percussion, vocals and guitar classes.
Technically, my teaching style depends on the student's level:
- Beginners: how fingers should proper be used in order to get the best quality of sound out of the guitar; basic chords and how to use them in songs
- Intermediate: Bar chords and how to make them sound proper in order to get the best quality of sound out of them, how they work; simple scales (Major) ; songs using bar chords and lick (scales)
- Advanced: Advanced Chords; Chords progressions ; Advanced scales (Major, Minor, Pentatonic, Blues Scales, Rock Scales, Jazz Scales) ; How to use them in order to improvise on backing tracks;

Furthermore, I am going to help you with tips about how a band works, what is your role in the band, how often you should practice.

Tutoring / Teaching Experience

My teaching experience comes form a volunteer teacher post on a private summer music school. However, I started by being trained in order to be able to teach children. Firstly, I was a percussion teacher, and after some months, I started to teach guitar, vocals, choir as well.

Tutoring experience:2 years


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Reviews and References
5.0 (2 Reviews)
Andrei (Reference)
Suitability for tutoring
Cristian is a very handsome man. He has a lot o patience with his students. He spent about three months to teach me how to play drums and in the the present he gives me vocal lessons. He is an ambitious man and he won't give up until he sees his students progressing.
Bianca Maria (Reference)
Suitability for tutoring
Cristian is a passionate and dedicated tutor, who kept surprising me with his patience and attention to detail. His previous music experience and skills allowed him to make reliable comments upon my performance and guitar technique. Under his surveillance, I got to improve unbelievably fast.

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Qualified Teacher

I was teaching percussion, guitar, singing and choir for a particular music school (2 years expericence)

Bachelors Degree in Music Performance and Production (1)

University of East London (2018)

Percussion A-level (12 )

"Victor Brauner" High School of Arts

I travel up to 5 Miles