Gabriel -Carved to support and motivate children Primary Tutor
  • Qualified Teacher
    Qualified Teacher
  • Bachelors Degree
    Bachelors Degree
  • 5 Years Experience
    5 Years Experience
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Carved to support and motivate children Primary Tutor

£22 per hour

I am going to describe my experience and teaching philosophy in a few lines, as a statement of what I have managed to build in the UK as a primary teacher. 
One of my main skills is to identify the genuine needs of a student, filter them through my professional experience, filter them through my knowledge and also through my life experience because working with people involves studying psychology and their emotional intelligence. 
The nonverbal interaction, the gestures, mimics of my students are something that I make use of to realise if there is something that they are struggling with and then apply my methodical approach to ensure students make progress and understand the extraordinary chance they have for shaping a great future through Education.
It all comes to finding the will, pleasure and interest in achieving good results and thriving for the best, as the nowadays society offers many distractions and coming in front of my students as a model of discipline, awareness of and involvement in the community and passion for a better future is one of my skills, successfully perfected during my 4 years of experience.

Tutoring / Teaching Experience

With a background of 4+ teaching years in both Primary and Secondary and one year in tutoring primary school students, my core skills are: rapidly building rapport with children, sourcing their motivation and caring about the future generations.

Tutoring experience:5 years

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5.0 (1 Reviews)
Marin (Reference)
Suitability for tutoring
Reliable and trustworthy professional, Gabriel has demonstrated an excellent link with children and important skills to boost motivation and children's focus to learn.



Qualified Teacher

Qualified Teacher Status (5 years expericence)

Bachelors Degree in ENGLISH

University of Craiova (2012)

I travel up to 10 Miles