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Experienced Enthusiastic English Teacher

£35 per hour
    Brixton, South West London

I am an enthusiastic teacher. Literature is my passion. I recently graduated with a first-class degree in BA English from Birkbeck, University of London. I won the John Hay Loban prize for student thought to show the most promise in literature. I will be doing a Master's in modernist literature at University College London and hope to pursue a career in academia. I have experience both tutoring and teaching English as a Foreign Language to classrooms of varying sizes and ages, as well as tutoring English literature and language. I completed the Trinity TEFL in Barcelona in 2012. I taught in Florence, Italy, for over a year, as well as worked as a teaching assistant at primary schools within the UK. Having taken 11 GCSEs (receiving 11 A*s) as well as AS and A-levels in English, Latin, Greek, and Maths (AAAB), I am able to tutor students at these levels as well. I enjoy teaching and fully dedicate myself to giving my students the best lessons possible to maximise their learning. I am flexible and adaptable to different learning styles and can taylor lessons accordingly on getting to know a student's best learning techniques. I can teach children, young adults or adults in English literature or English as a foreign language.

Tutoring / Teaching Experience

I taught English as a Foreign Language in Florence Italy for a year from 2012-3 at 'My English School'. I taught classes of various sizes ranging in both age and level. I was a teaching assistant at a small prep school. I have experience tutoring students for exams such as IELTS, A-levels and GCSEs.

Tutoring experience:4 years

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Reviews and References
5.0 (2 Reviews)
Beatrice (Reference)
Suitability for tutoring
Hannah has been my tutor on and off for almost 4 years now. She first helped me prepare for my TOEFEL exam (114/120)in three weeks. She then kept on straightening my academic English throughout my master degree. In this occasion Hannah was key to make me understand how to approach critical debate seminars along side academic essay and paper writing across different disciplines (eg economics vs urban planning). I still catch up with Hannah time to time to take advantage of her typically British ability to always have a catching anecdote or great book to discuss. I always found Hannah a really focused and prepared teacher. I have worked yet time spent flew by as she makes sessions engaging. Hannah biggest strength is her understanding of what you need to really step up to next level. She got me out of my platoe stages everytime I engaged her. It is not just about hammering down your weakness for hour on ends. With Hannah I felt I was working smartly. I felt I received real and honest feedback. I would always get to understand why it works in a certain way and how I can make sure I will to better the next time. Furthermore, the approach she would take also varied not just based on my needs, from Toelf to academic paper writing, but also based on my frequently changing availability. Overall I think Hannah is a very mature and genuinely passionate teacher and I have successfully recommended her in the past. I am sure future students will end up recommending her as well to friends and family.
Michael (Reference)
Suitability for tutoring
I worked with Hannah in Florence when we were teaching English. I can say that not only did the students get on very well with Hannah but she would go out of her way ( sometimes off work hours) to make sure the students were learning, felt comfortable and had fun during the lesson. She was always punctual and professional. I'd be lucky to call Hannah my teacher.

GCSE , A-level, Degree


Qualified Teacher

Trinity TEFL (3 years expericence)

Masters in Modernist Literature (To be completed)

University College London (2018)

Bachelors Degree in English (First class)

Birkbeck, University of London (2017)

I travel up to 5 Miles
I teach online