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Passionate Korean, English & Computer Tutor

Hye Jin
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A memorable and important experience to me was when I was an English teacher and assistant in the Doshin University Language Centre. I worked from morning to evening for two weeks during winter vacation in 2015 for primary school student for underprivileged and at risk kids. It was an intensive course. Our day starts at 7am. After having breakfast, we had a vocabulary test. We had grammar and conversation class before lunch. After lunch, we had a class called as ‘club time’ like after school such as drama, sports, watercolor and craft. Clubtime was fun to release their stress. I assisted sports club one week. We did broom hockey, football, boomerang. The other week, I assisted drama club. We studied Shakespeares play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ which is the most famous in Korea. The kids made the team and wrote scripts, acted and filmed together. After dinner, the kids had to write a book report, diary and memorize thirty words to prepare a vocabulary test for tomorrow. This program was for primary school students to middle school students. Every teacher took the test and I had good evaluations that I could teach advanced class and most of the students were 3rd to 4th grade in primary school. The Naju education office invited students who got a recommendation from their school and government paid 70percent of tuition fee. So, teachers needed to make a report every day. The program was i

Tutoring / Teaching Experience

Majeon Elementary School (Mar.2016-Dec.2016)
After School English Teacher
-Created monthly academic status reports based on in-depth student evaluations.
-Developed and taught a curriculum to improve students' conversational abilities.

U&I English institution(Apr.2015-Aug.2015)
English Teacher
-Assisted department head in establishing daily schedules, curriculum and ESL activities.
-Improved instructional methods by using a variety of assessment tools and strategies.

Dongshin University Language Education Center (5th Feb 2015-17th Feb 2015)
English teacher and program assistant

Tutoring experience:2 years

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Reviews and References
5.0 (2 Reviews)
Marilali (Reference)
Suitability for tutoring
I came to know Jin as English teachers in Korea. Both at work and in her personal life she is always looking for ways in which she can help and improve. Jin's dedication and professionalism are incomparable, in my experience. She is attentive and mindful of each of her student's needs. I would recommend Jin for any teaching position, and I am sure anyone who works with and comes to know her would agree.
Bryan (Reference)
Suitability for tutoring
"Kate" or Hye Jin Lee was a co-worker with me at an English Academy in Geoje, South Korea. I was the head teacher, so I was kind of her supervisor. She is a hard worker, and very reliable. She knows to ask questions when she is unsure of something, but has no trouble making decisions or thinking on her feet when necessary. She would be an asset to any educational organization.




Qualified Teacher

TESOL program(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) (2 years expericence)

Bachelors Degree in Theatre arts (GPA 3.76/4.0)

University of the Incarnate Word (2014)

Bachelors Degree in Theatre and Film (GPA 4.33/4.5)

Honam University (2015)

Bachelors Degree in English Language and Literature (GPA 4.33/4.5)

Honam University (2015)

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