Pallav-Experienced and Professional tutor for 11 + and Economics
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    Awaiting References
  • Qualified Teacher
    Qualified Teacher
  • Masters Degree
    Masters Degree
  • 4 Years Experience
    4 Years Experience
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Experienced and Professional tutor for 11 + and Economics

£55 per hour

My name is Pallav and I would be delighted to help. I am based in Northwood, Middlesex. I am a qualified Accountant and MBA working in London city. I am also a private tutor specialising in entrance exams preparation to top London schools. I coach for entry to 7+, 11+ - exam and interview preparation.

Some of the schools I have tutored for in the last few years are - Eaton, Harrow, Haberdashers ( boys and girls), North London Collegiate( Girls), St Helens, St Paul's, Collets, Henrietta Barnet , City of London, Queen Elizabeth Boys, Watford Grammar schools and Buckinghamshire CEM consortium.

Aside of the 11+ entrance exams, I tutor for Math’s and English to GCSE, Economics & Business studies to A levels, Accountancy to Professional exam level.
I also help with University personal statements, dissertations, project work, soft skills, interviews preparation , general career advisory.

My approach is to first get to understand my tutee's background, interests and what makes them tick. Only when they feel comfortable with me and trust me, will they work with me .

In the initial few lessons, I work to find out what the student's weaknesses are and then start to fill gaps in their knowledge by breaking topics down into small understandable steps. The parents start to see improved results but once their confidence with the subject begins to grow.

Tutoring / Teaching Experience

I am a qualified Accountant and a Senior Finance professional working in the city, but tutor in evenings and on weekends. I have enjoyed working as a private tutor for about four years and find online tutoring also a new and very exciting way to work. I tutor primary students, 11+ entrance ,through to GCSE.

Tutoring experience:4 years

  • I am flexible


Primary, Key Stage 3, GCSE , A-level, Degree, Adult

Key Stage 3


GCSE , A-level, Degree, Adult


GCSE , A-level, Degree



Primary, Key Stage 3, GCSE

Primary, Key Stage 3, Degree, Adult

A-level, Degree


A-level, Degree

A-level, Degree

Primary, Key Stage 3, GCSE , A-level, Degree, Adult

Qualified Teacher

None (1 years expericence)

Masters in Accounting, Tax, Economics

Qualified Accountant ACCA (2010)

Masters in MBA (A*)

University of Pune (1994)

Masters in Corporate Finance

London Business School (2010)

I travel up to 5 Miles