Sana-Maths, Economics, Science & Sociology all ages
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    Teach Online
  • Bachelors Degree
    Bachelors Degree
  • 2 Years Experience
    2 Years Experience
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Maths, Economics, Science & Sociology all ages

£25 per hour
    Colindale, North West London

By way of introduction, my name is Sana Choudri, and I am a student for life. Aren't we all? Learning is a process that lasts our entire lifetime. We learn from people around us, from our own experiences, from knowledge contained in books, online and in classrooms. We never really stop learning. I have a passion - it is to help others achieve their goals, and realise their true potential. Nothing is more satisfying than helping someone succeed. Because with every person who you help succeed, you succeed too. What better way to do this than tutoring!

With a degree in Mathematics from one of the top institutions in the world (University College London), and 5 years of Business, Finance and Consulting experience (Deutsche Bank & Deloitte), I am confident I possess the right balance of knowledge and effective communication to help you reach your academic goals.

During my GSCEs and GCEs, I would spend hours revising my Maths, Economics, Sociology and Business Management courses, with some of my favourite albums playing in the background. Funnily, I started associating certain songs with certain topics/formulae, and it often helped me absorb the sometimes dry content.

Are you looking to learn in a relaxed, friendly and musical environment?

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Tutoring / Teaching Experience

I have taught Mathematics and Economics to GCSE students in a classroom setting

I have taught GCSE Sociology one-to-one, and my student obtained the highest grade at the time (A*)

Tutoring experience:2 years

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Reviews and References
5.0 (2 Reviews)
Akbar (Reference)
Suitability for tutoring
She's really chilled out and makes you work at a good pace. Time flew when I was with Sana. She's really easy to get on with, and has some cool learning hacks too.
Sehar (Reference)
Suitability for tutoring
Student's parent
Friendly and approachable. She seemed quite invested in my son's performance. He seemed to enjoy his time with her. Improved his grades significantly.

Primary, Key Stage 3, GCSE

Primary, Key Stage 3, GCSE , A-level

Primary, Key Stage 3, GCSE , A-level

Primary, Key Stage 3, GCSE

Primary, Key Stage 3, GCSE , A-level, Degree, Adult

Bachelors Degree in Mathematics (2:1)

University College London (2009)

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